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Aradial RADIUS server and Aradial Billing Software are servicing ISPs since 1997. High-end ISP's with millions of subscribers and Smaller providers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and Network infrastructures.

Aradial offers products that open a whole new set of possibilities for ISPs, Hotspots, LTE, WIMAX, VOIP, ASPs, Wireless LAN and Mobile operators.

Aradial provides:

Aradial Radius software benefits are:

Aradial Technologies customers and partners include some of the world's largest corporations, institutions, telecommunications carriers, billing companies and internet service providers.
Utilizing open standards such as RADIUS, DIAMETER, Wimax NWG, EAP, SNMP and technologies such as VPN and LDAP the Aradial product family offers unmatched features and performance at an affordable price.

Aradial solutions infrastructures are installed in over 50+ countries*.
(* As a RADIUS server and as a part of a Billing solution -).

Aradial solutions infrastructures supports the following services:

All of our products technologies are based on:

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