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Remote garage door opener

 mobile phone based remote garage opener. Cellbris CellGate is a revolutionary, secured, wireless and universal switch system solution, with a size of mobile phone, yet power enough to support up to 2000 users with full remote administration.

CellGate controls automatic gates and doors from an authorized user’s cell phone., it easily connects to a gate or door switch and is operated by receiving a no-cost call from a cell phone.

This system is based on multi-band GSM technology that authorizes user remotely to switch ON and OFF almost any device indoors and outdoors.

Utilizing modern cellular technology, Cellbris CellGate system can be operated remotely almost from any place where the user has the ability to make a call from his cell phone such as; home, office etc. The call will be free of charge as far as unit does not open line when receives a call.

The system can be programmed to allow access for specified users (groups) in different periods of time by working in Real Time Clock mode (days and hours).


For example, one of the utilizations of the Cellbris CellGate can be an implementation of the system into automatic gate openers. An owner of the system can allow access for users to enter his facilities within certain period of time, same time it can be preprogrammed to allow others to access it 24 hours a day

Another example, is implementation of the system into outdoor of the buildings with restricted access (intercom). Instead of typing access password on keypad located on the door, authorized user can simply dial to the unit and get access to the building (with full date/hours restriction capabilities)

The system is very easy for implementation - plug and play.

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