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FocalInfo- The leading ONE Stop Shop for Web Data Crawling & Extraction:
Crawl & Extract, Analyze, Alert, Response
In today's world data is a handy and available resource for everyone. However,
getting the RELEVANT data ON-TIME is not an easy task.

FocalInfo is your partner to get: 

The data you need from any open web source
At the time you need it
At the format you need it


Focalinfo is providing advanced software engines for data extraction from open web sources.
Our services are operated in various business models including:

FocalExtract enterprises, portals, directories, and security / federal agencies are looking to get the relevant information from many open sources. Others require collecting of information from hundreds or thousands of sites for their own business intelligence. With FocalExtract  you get focused, analyzed and customized data on a  SaaS model service, without the burden of following the sites, their content and their changes.

Focalcollect In parallel, a lot of security intelligence information exists on the web, while security & governmental agencies, as well as business enterprises are seeking to get this information and make intelligent use with it by themselves. FocalCollect  is pioneer in the OSINT web2.0 world,  providing the agencies  with a self-operated software product, to self perform the Internet data collection by their staff.

Focalimpact the Internet becomes the major media for customers' opinions and reflects the real on-line market survey. Whether you are an advertising or PR agency,  a marketing or a media managers you need  to “be there” and to interact on-line and real time with your customers. Focalimpact provides you with SaaS based services, customized to your requirements, as a one stop shop. The services are provided with an online friendly GUI dashboard to monitor your campaign, to review it, based on your criteria

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