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PrintBOS is the solution for transforming document design, output, distribution and archiving into significantly more efficient and marketing-oriented processes.

PrintBOS is simple and easy to use so that employees feel right at home with the "look and feel" of Windows, right mouse click function and floating windows. Users create templates and change them just as quickly.

All corporate documents, in addition to their basic function, can now express the corporate style sheet. They strengthen brand expression to work as powerful marketing tools.

As for raw data files, they are dragged and dropped onto the design template,no data mapping or modifications needed. A powerful script language ensures outstanding flexibility in document appearance, routing specifications and integration of external applications.

Customers use PrintBOS for a true variety of documents, from forms, reports, barcodes and labels to faxes and checks. PrintBOS transparently intercepts these print jobs and applies the correct graphic formatting to create the customer's preferred output.

Time and labor-saving, PrintBOS allows employees to focus on more added-value tasks than print jobs.

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