VALOR Balkans has become leader in Value Added Distribution in the Balkans countries

Established in 2007, VALOR Balkans select portfolio of software solutions and hardware comprises solutions for Business applications, Enterprise mobility solutions for devices, Cloud solutions, Social media and content solutions, IT security solutions, IT management solutions, Infrastructures solutions, communication solutions and more, exclusively through our Value Added Reseller Partners.


In everything we do at VALOR Balkans, customer satisfaction is the motor that drives us. We don't believe in giving less than 100% to ensure customer satisfaction, particularly in important areas such as ours. All of the solutions that we offer provide the highest level of user friendliness, simple installation and maintenance, and optimum reliability-and all at highly attractive prices. The user-friendly and self-explanatory products in our portfolio represent our company's sales strategy: A product range that consists of carefully selected products only is the best form of customer support!


We create more compelling demand generation foundation that manufactures and VAR's can leverage. We help our VAR's build demand around multi-manufactures offerings that combine a group of non-competing manufactures. We make sure to execute pieces and parts of this machinery, but lack the right multi-manufactures engagement models and a mass customizable back end to scale to our VARs’ pipelines.


VALOR Balkans, along with its VAR's and members in the Balkans countries, plan and implement activities focused on market development in the region and the Go-To-Market base on channel strategy.


VALOR  Business Model:

The professionals of VALOR Balkans have unparalleled experience in the distribution sector.

We have been involved in many IT software and hardware solutions in many industries.


Our aim is to add value to all members of the channel cycle; manufactures, reseller and end-user.

This is done through a pro-active and flexible business model that allows the different parties to build their business in a way that match their needs.


VALOR Balkans is constantly seeking out best manufactures in a specific technology area who can deliver advantage to the channel and end-user.

We look for the following attributes in our manufactures:

·         leading-edge technology

·         cost effective price point

·         Service/Support capability

·         budget-matching business model


Why VALOR Balkans?

We are the trusted partner and engage with manufactures, the channel and end-users adding value at each level.

VALOR Balkans has a business development service line, specialized in marketing and selling technology-oriented solutions and products to the Balkans countries. We are increasingly recognized for the depth of our expertise special in the Balkans technology market, and as a consequence, our ability to accelerate the business development process between companies.

VALOR Balkans has developed a sales model, which enable manufactures to facilitate the Balkans countries penetration in a quickly, professional and economical way.

VALOR Balkans Sales Force Effectiveness model

VALOR Balkans dynamism and expertise in various technologies have held an high level of confidence and trust with our clients. The trust is based on the client’s recognition of our ability to continuously succeed to penetrate the Balkans countries.
VALOR Balkans as a full service and direct marketing company is specialized in marketing operations, sales and sales support.

In addition to many years of experience in direct marketing and sales for leading companies, our knowledge is also based on experience and extensive know-how in high-technical areas.

Renowned manufacturesare already optimizing their marketing and sales measures with the sales telemarketing, direct and database marketing concepts from VALOR Balkans.

Additional to the above, VALOR Balkans offers variant logistic services to enable manufactures smoothing their penetration to the market.

Every company, targeting the international market, is aware of the complexity and losing control by remote controlling business from a far.
Starting with market research, the market process, manpower management, the legal and the taxation topics.

Each “Marketing start” from abroad needs a huge investment’s budget.

According to our approach beside executing your sales, VALOR Balkans has developed a Front Office which enable technology manufacturesto avoid unnecessary’ costs and to minimize the budget issue which can also lower the cost to the end customer.

VALOR Balkans has local operations in the Balkans countries, managed by well-experienced Local managers and local professional staff offers you a complete logistic and administrative model.

VALOR Balkans adds values by:

·         Selecting the best technology

·         Taking an active role in generating business opportunities

·         Supporting the channel in pre & post sales

·         Having a flexible & adaptive business model

·         Being 100% channel focused for fulfillment

·         And many others services


We support different industries such as: Telecommunication and mobile, Financial Services, Healthcare, Security, Defense and Homeland Security, Utilities, Public Sector, Gaming and entertainments, Manufacturing and more. Our experience across a broad range of end-markets, including industrial products, consumer products, commercial products, building products and healthcare products, provide us with unique insights and contacts.