• NICE

    NICE Systems (NASDAQ:NICE),is the worldwide leader of intent-basedsolutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions.

  • DBSophic

    DBSophic is an innovative provider of performance management products for SaQL Server based applications. While traditional SQL Server tuning tools focus on individual query optimization, DBSophic delivers automatic . By optimizing the entire application-to-database workload, DBSophic's solutions help companies achieve unparalleled gains in SQL Server performance for their enterprise applications. The company is headquartered in Jerusalem.

  • EMC

    EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.

  • G2S

    G2S provides a secure online e-commerce solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether your goal is to sell software online, monetize games, or distribute other digital goods, Gate2Shop has the skills, tools, technology, and expertise to help you. Software vendors and digital service providers can use a secure and reliable platform to succeed in their online endeavors.

  • Aradial

    Aradial RADIUS server and Aradial Billing Software are servicing ISPs since 1997. High-end ISP's with millions of subscribers and Smaller providers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and Network infrastructures. Aradial offers products that open a whole new set of possibilities for ISPs, Hotspots, LTE, WIMAX, VOIP, ASPs, Wireless LAN and Mobile operators

  • Incentives Solutions

    Incentives Solutions is a leading provider of innovative and cost effective Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Incentives Compensation Management (ICM) software and services, to propel your sales and customer service personnel and channel partners, in order to achieve your targets


    MIND is a leading provider of convergent real-time end-to-end billing and customer care product based solutions as well as call accounting solutions for organizations and large multinational corporates. MIND delivers its applications in any business model (license, managed service or complete outsourced billing service) for Mobile, Wireline, VoIP and Quad-play carriers worldwide. MIND is a global company, with over ten years of experience in providing solutions to carriers and enterprises.

  • Jetro Platforms

    Jetro Platforms is a Leading Secure Application Virtualization solutions provider. Jetro's advanced software enables corporations to benefit from a centralized, secure delivery of applications across the entire organization

  • Consist

    Consist Provides a variety of software systems and services: Financial and Logistic software (ERP), Data Warehouse systems,Internet Oriented solutions,Data processing and Outsourcing services, software modernization projects, consulting and more

  • FocalInfo

    FocalInfo Providing advanced software engines for data extraction from open web sources.

  • PrintBos

    PrintBOS is a solution for transforming document design, output, distribution and archiving into significantly more efficient and marketing-oriented processes

  • E2M

    E2M is Innovative provider of comprehensive end-to-end Voice Activated solutions

  • Ayehu Software Technologies

    Ayehu Software develops and markets innovative enterprise-class IT Process Automation solutions

  • Callflow Software

    Callflow Software is a leading provider of in-store customer experience solutions. Callflow Software develops and sells tools that optimize the flow of customers, information and advertising in customer service centers and stores. We offer solutions that enrich the customer experience, while streamlining service processes and generate more selling opportunities.

  • Jacada

    Jacada Inc. is a leading provider of agent desktop and process optimization software solutions for the customer service and support market. Our products and services are focused on two of the most important issues facing companies in today's uncertain marketplace – customer retention and cost reduction. Jacada projects often deploy in less than six months, and our customers can realize a complete return on investment within 12 months of deployment

  • Serendip

    Social Music Radio,Created by You and Your Friends, A personal playlist, created in real-time from music shared on social networks,A radio-like lean-back experience you can simply enjoy,Find your music soul mates and enjoy their tunes

  • Cellbris

    Cellbris CellGate is a remote garage door opener, mobile phone based remote garage opener. Cellbris CellGate is a revolutionary, secured, wireless and universal switch system solution, with a size of mobile phone, yet power enough to support up to 2000 users with full remote administration

  • World8

    Global MVNO supplying roaming services in over 150 countries to service providers and affiliate distributors. World8 direct access to the global GSM-MAP platform and messaging gateway enables to supply Voice and Data services worldwide directly to the hosting mobile network where World8’s SIM cards are located.

  • iRingU

    iRingU allows you to make FREE (or very cheap) international and long distance calls from your mobile phone anywhere in the world

  • EverCompliant

    Provides solutions that enable organizations to meet their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) goals. The company develops products and packaged solutions for a growing list of standards and regulations, and offers professional services that support organizations in a variety of initiatives including compliance management, internal controls management, internal audit, operational risk management, IT governance, and enterprise risk management.

  • Uniport

    Developer and provider of enterprise secure messaging systems, secure printing systems, and universal communications solutions including IP fax and mobile business solutions. The company offers four core product lines. SecurePort is an enterprise Data Leak Prevention system (DLP) that protects confidential fax documents from leaking out. IP Fax messaging system includes: FAXport Fax Server, Fax over IP, Production Fax, SAP fax, Xerox fax, and HP fax. SMSport is an Enterprise mobile SMS server that extends the mobile Short Message Service (SMS) into a robust business solution. PRINTport print is a secure enterprise print management system.

  • Covertix

    Covertix develops solutions to equip enterprise organizations with independent file-level surveillance and control, protecting sensitive data, inside and outside the organization. The company's innovative technology secures and monitors confidential and sensitive documents, by automatically tagging digital assets according to file context and content, continuously tracking and securing files, at any point or method of usage.

  • Cellvine

    Cellvine develops and markets innovative coverage and capacity solutions for the wireless telecommunications industry. Cellvine's broad range of cellular coverage enhancement products and solutions are based on its exclusive technology for improving cellular signals for in-building, urban and rural over-ground and subterranean environments such as mines and tunnels. Comprehensive coverage management tools provide operators with full real-time control of their coverage networks without the need for costly infrastructure replacement.

  • TheVideoPoint

    The Video Point -Increase the video capacity and effectiveness at your web sites, provide better services without paying for the content or the streaming.

  • InspiAir

    InspiAir Ltd designs, manufactures and sells long range outdoor Wi-Fi solution to wireless internet service providers, campuses, marine ports and municipal cities. InspiAir best-of-breed products are deployed world wide in small to large projects, the company provides a cost effective solution for converged video, VoIP and data wireless networks.

  • Qball Technologies

    Qball Technologies Ltd, provides a complete portfolio of integrated ICT services specializing in Linux based platforms and targeted at providing the following benefits to its clients: Reduced setup cost and time,Lower maintenance costs,Increased stability of the ICT platforms Qball portfolio of services includes:ICT consulting and implementation services,Telephony services (voice, VoIP, fax servers , call centers, IVR),IP Connectivity services (Internet connection, Email service management), Workflow management services (CRM, Helpdesk, Knowledgebase, Bug tracking)

  • MTRS3

    MTRS3's founders have chosen to focus their efforts on developing equally successful security methods and systems specifically for the mass transit and railway environments

  • Chip PC

    Chip PC Technologies drives innovation into reality as a global technology leader in desktop virtualization and server-centric computing. Headquartered in Israel with offices across Europe and the US, Chip PC Technologies focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative desktop computing solutions covering the complete spectrum from smart user desktop devices to Active-Directory-based management software. Dedicated to innovative desktop computing, Chip PC Technologies in-house strong R&D teams enable the company to be at the forefront of technology. Targeted at solving the thorny problems of management, security, reliability, maintenance and costs of desktop computers, the company’s technology constructs a ground-up solution of innovative clients orchestrated by intelligent management of users and devices, scalable to tens of thousands of clients. Technological leadership is further leveraged by the company’s strong bond with its Premier Partners, Microsoft, Citrix and VMware. Leading the way to Computing with a Conscience, Chip PC Technologies enables companies to adopt greener computing practices by offering highly environmental friendly devices with nearly zero power consumption of 3W at full work mode! Chip PC Technologies customers reach is global, featuring a strong channel of valued added partners worldwide. The company’s customer base is global and constantly growing, including thousands of leading companies in Healthcare, Banking, Retail and Government - to name a few strategic verticals, in which we deliver compelling return on investment. Chip PC Technologies has been selected by Deloitte as one of Israel’s fastest growing technology companies with its income growing more than 250% in the past few years.