The VALOR Balkans Trains VAR’s

VALOR Balkans offers different training programs to VAR’s partner.

All new VAR’s start out with a Training for VAR’s. They have access to VALOR Balkans Training Partner portal, opportunities to co-brand with VALOR Balkans, and training for sales force.

 VAR's training pic  VAR's training pic  VAR's training pic

Once VALOR Balkans a signed up, VARs he needs to be trained on:

  1. The portal site (including how to access, the specific policies (lead policies, deal registration), where to find pricing and support, available demo scripts and PowerPoints, etc.)
  2. The product (including it’s unique positioning in your space)
  3. The market (especially the market segments that are most likely to purchase your product), and
  4. How to effectively promote your product--in that order.

With some complimentary or add-on products, the VARs in the end of the training can go to existing accounts and sell-in VALOR Balkans product (account management), for others, they must prospect. Like any sales team, they seldom like to prospect via cold calls--they prefer leads.

Some of the Resellers typically don’t have a marketing department and are normally need improvement with generating leads. This is where VALOR Balkans help Reseller’s which goes a long way to generating our partner loyalty. We give tips and tricks and provide templates (e-mails, ads), event schedules and other items that have a proven response with our manufacturing products..