Reseller Partner Program


Partner with VALOR Balkans to deliver best-in-class, optimized IT solutions for management, telecommunication, security, infrastructures, social media, internet, mobile and more to your customers. VALOR Balkans VAR's include corporate resellers, solution providers, and agents of all sizes.

Our flexible program enables VAR's to jump-start sales, and provides detailed training, education, and support to boost knowledge of VALOR Balkans technology — ensuring that our VAR's partners meet their customers’ needs for the state of the art solutions.


We offer the following VAR Partner Programs

Consulting VAR Partner

VALOR Balkans is involved in a global network of high-qualified manufactures in APAC, EMEA and USA. The combination of our expertise, our local presence with our reseller partners and products know-how guarantees the delivery of complex projects. Partners of VALOR Balkans in this program also provide business process redesign, training, industry solutions experience, consultancy, and management services.  

Referral \ Agent VAR Partner

The referral reseller partners generate leads and customer referrals with the purpose of closing business through other VALOR Balkans’s strategic reseller’s partners or technology reseller’s partner offering. They also identify and refer new opportunities and earn referral fees once the deal has been closed.

Strategic VAR Partner

Global strategic reseller partners are a selected group of partners who offer representation of VALOR Balkans offering in multiple countries and have powerful capabilities and resources. They are ideal providers for their customers that are expanding their technology solution operations and investments.

Technology VAR Partner

Technology partners include major device manufacturers, software developers, applications providers. With their products \ solutions, VALOR Balkans develops solutions that perfectly suit the specific customer needs in term of localization, customization, implementation, documentation, training and expected support (SLA).

Together, VALOR Balkans and more than our 50 VAR’s provide customers around the world with industry-leading solutions and services that address business needs. Deploy world-class VALOR Balkans products and services plus the extended capabilities of a VAR’s who can address specific functional, market, or industry needs that the customer may have.

Whether you are a midsize business or a large international organization, use the VALOR Balkans solutions to instantly locate and contact the provider that meets your needs. Partnering with VALOR Balkans through the VAR Network is your ticket to growth in new industries, regions, and market niches. Offer solutions and services to your customers built on leading technology from VALOR Balkans.

VAR’s Partners, can visit the VAR’s Network Portal to access tools and resources customized for your business today! We work closely with a network of leading technology partners, striving to provide the end customers with the best and most appropriate solutions and services to accommodate their unique business environment and goals.

We believe in our VAR’s networks that are working with our best-of-breed technologies and products is essential to achieving excellence and innovation in design, implementation and deployment of enterprise information solutions.