VALOR Balkans Value-added services facilitate our channels in offering solutions.


We are active partners in the creation of the DNA of our manufactures; learn what the manufactures Go-To-Market and channel strategy should be. We believe as good as VALOR Balkans is at the foundations of channel building, each manufactures has a unique Go-To-Market and channel strategy that has to be clearly defined BEFORE VALOR Balkans can engage successfully with the VAR's.


We offer basic and extended value and services to our manufactures such as; recruiting and marketing/PR services, tenders monitoring and relevant founds alerts, events and road-show, outsourcing and offshore, translation, localization, customization and many more to attract VARs to a manufacture sand help them sell manufactures offerings, recruit, enable and ramp VARs (in partnership with manufactures) to create a win/win/win.     


We are all the time looking for factors added to a product to increase its value.

We know that in the Balkans countries, understanding the local need and keep the availability in local manner is critical for success. This is why; we keep on enhancing our —presales, support sales and post sales and other services all the time.

It is as important as either sales or post-sales support, and especially so when a new product is launched in the channel. We play a lead role by enabling the channel to understand the pros and cons of the business and to understand the pitfalls in terms of deliverables or credit.

We are true value-added distributors that empower the channel by educating them about new products, invest in marketing campaigns, and more importantly, ensure that the product is available across the country.

We not only educating the channel, but also train our internal staff about the product. Only when the internal staff is aware about the latest offerings and its technicalities we are able to pass this knowledge to our channel. All the above is in addition to the fact that we ensure that the product available wherever there is demand.

Post Sales
Our manufacturer promises the warranty on the product. But the onus lies on us as the distributor to provide it. We have systems in place to track products under warranty, and take steps to be closer to the channel partner as well as the end customer.

VALOR Balkans, as a true value added distributor doesn’t end with sales; it extends to the post-delivery phase as well. With our support system in place to provide support at the lowest cost, and ensure that the entire supply chain functions as a single entity.

Beyond this, we also ensure the continuity of a product line by either launching upgrades or replacing it with a new product if the existing one is being phased out.

If a product line dies out then providing warranty would prove to be a serious challenge. Our role is to reduce the risks involved in the business and provide the channel with an efficient service model.

Requisite Factors
VALOR Balkans first adds value to its manufacturer partners by giving them the right kind of support. 

We believe that the instrument to penetrate into the market is the channel partner. As part of this believes VALOR Balkans give the channel proper direction about business strategies.

In regard to the above we know that it is not about having few exclusive partners or a few hundreds. What is important is to have the right strategy for that market.

Thorough knowledge of a product is a key component in effective achievement. Therefore, product training remains a primary factor. We do it without taking the sales force out of the field for an extended period of time. We do it by setting up robust online training.

In general VALOR Balkans goal is to make sure that the right product is made available at the right time with the aim of been efficient and cost effective. We not only need to procure the product from the channel and sell it to the next level but also ensure that it in turn successfully sells to the next level by creating demand for it. A single weak link could affect the whole chain.



VALOR Balkans experienced professionals first evaluate the unique needs of each VAR and client, and then choose the ideal combination of complementary software products and services to deliver optimal solutions. Leveraging technological expertise and strategic partnerships with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) worldwide, VALOR Balkans delivers comprehensive value-added solutions that help clients meeting business objectives and drive operating efficiencies.